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SCLP Director and Coaches


Meet the Skating Club of Lake Placid Coaching Team!

Brooke O'Neil

Brooke has been coaching skating for over 7 years and is a US Figure Skating Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field and a US Figure Skating Silver Medalist in Freestyle. Brooke started skating when she was 7 years old in Saranac Lake and has received numerous scholarships and awards. She competed in various competitions, including North Atlantic Regional Championships & Empire State Games, qualifying for the State Games of America. Her coaching career began there, but she has been a professional for the SCLP in recent years. Brooke is available to coach all levels of  Freestyle and Moves in the Field. 

Contact Brooke at or 518-637-2448


Amanda Jones

Amanda is a U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field and a U.S. Figure Skating Silver Medalist in Free Skating. She has been skating locally since she began skating at the age of 5, and has represented various local clubs at many competitions, including North Atlantics and the Empire State games. Within the local Saranac and Lake Placid area, Amanda has coached at the Professional and Junior Professional level for over 10 years. Amanda has both Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Education, which has added to her passion for coaching and mentoring skaters on and off the ice. Amanda is available to coach all levels in Moves in the Field, Choreography, and Freestyle.

Contact Amanda at or 518.637.9007

Jacqueline Clark

Jacqueline Clark moved to Lake Placid in 1982 at the age of 10. As a member of the Skating Club of Lake Placid she competed in regional competitions and passed her Gold Figure test and Junior Free Skate test. Jacqueline first began coaching at the Skating Club of the Adirondacks in Plattsburgh, NY and continued coaching when she moved to New Jersey, teaching for the Glissad Skating Academy.  Upon her return to Lake Placid she came on staff for the Skating Club of Lake Placid and has been coaching since then.  Her daughters Emma & Madelyn are both active members of the skating club as well. Jacqueline is available to teach all levels in freestyle & moves-in-the-field as well as power skating for hockey or figure skaters.

Contact Jackie at: or 518.524.1226

Marc Fenczak

Marc was a 3-time National Ice Dance competitor and competed at the 1998 Olympic team trials.  He has been skating in Lake Placid for more than two decades and is a double gold medalist in ice dancing and free dance.  Marc began his Lake Placid coaching career over 20 years ago coming every year for the Lake Placid Summer Skating program.   In addition to summers in Lake Placid he has coached at many rinks throughout New York and New Jersey.  Marc is available to teach all levels of ice dance, moves-in-the-field, power skating and stroking technique.  He is also available for skate sharpening.    

Contact Marc at: or 973-919-6143 

Angela Gavin

Angela Gavin has been coaching skaters for over 20 years.  Angela is a gold medalist in dance and has passed international dances as well. She is a three time national competitor in synchronized skating.  She was the head coach of the Learn to skate program at the St Lawrence Centre Arena for 7 years and coached the Silver Blades synchronized skating team from Norfolk-Norwood FSC for 4 years.  She has a degree in applied science and has been an optician for over 20 years and has 2 children.  Angela has been living in Lake Placid since 2007.  She is available to coach all disciplines and all ages.  

Contact Angie at:  or 315.842.0251


Katrina (Hofbauer) Kroha

Katrina  is a U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medalist in Moves and Dance; Silver Medalist in Free Skating and has passed International Dances. She developed and directed a basic skills program in Northern Virginia and coached the National Blades synchronized skating team for 5 years before moving back to Lake Placid. She has a degree in health & physical education for K-12 students and has a passion for teaching students all ages. Katrina spent 3 years as the Co-Director of the Learn to Skate program.  She teaches off ice stretch, conditioning and trampoline classes for the summer figure skating program. Katrina is available to coach all levels and disciplines.

Contact Katrina at  or 610.295.2764


Tracy Prussack Nicola

National and International Coach, Former Olympic Training Team Member and National Champion. World Professional Pewter Medalist and U.S. Open Challenge Cup Professional Champion in both Singles and Pair Skating. In 2015, Tracy relocated from the San Francisco Bay area to Lake Placid, bringing with her 30 years of coaching experience. Offering lessons to Beginners through Senior level students, including National and International Competitors. Author of "Skate Your Personal Best"

Contact Tracy at 650-766-6288 or

Mary Catherine Spinelli

Mary Catherine is a long time member of the Skating Club of Lake Placid. She spent years as a competitive skater and has been the Director of the Learn to Skate Program for over ten years.  Mary Catherine is a U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medalist in Figures, Freestyle & Dance.  She has be running learn to skate programs for over a decade in the north country. Mary Catherine specializes in Freestyle, Moves-in-the-Field & Choreography and is available to teach all levels & abilities.  

Contact Mary Catherine at 518.572.2721 or

Mimi Wacholder-Frantz

Mimi Wacholder-Frantz has been coaching skating for over 20 years. She enjoyed a successful career at the top of the National Ranks in Competitive Ice Dancing and went on to perform with the Ice Capades, and then both perform and choreograph with the Ice Theater of New York. Her coaching career began when she was still competing--working with Physics Professors at MIT, this proved to be a great gift as her foundation of teaching is strongly rooted in physics principals and alignment. In addition, she is also a certified yoga teacher and  her studies in anatomy, physical awareness, breath and flow all informs her coaching principals as well. Lastly, despite her firm foundation in principals and skating method, Mimi gets to know her skaters and their individual learning style and adapts her style of teaching to each individual. She coaches all disciplines of skating.

Contact Mimi at 

Annmary Bouchard

Contact Annmary at 845-549-4344 or