Tots & Basic Skills

About Tots & Basic Skills

Tots (Ages 3-5 years)

The Tots level class is designed to help the preschool-age skater develop preliminary coordination and strength to maneuver on the ice. The main goal of the Tots class is to get children comfortable on the ice! Class times are 45 minutes to allow extra time for the little ones to get started with class.


Basic Skills (Agest 6+ years)

The Basic Skills are the fundamentals of the sport. The Basic 1-Pre-Freestyle levels introduce the fundamental skills that will be used in essentially every advanced skill your child learns in the future. Establishing strong basic skills lays the foundation for lifelong enjoyment of the sport. Basic skills/Pre-Freestyle skaters meet for 1 hour, twice a week. Instruction time is 45 minutes, with an additional 15 minutes of practice time before or after the lesson. Arriving promptly at the start ensures for the full instruction and practice time!

Class Days: Sunday/Tuesday OR Monday/Wednesday

Class Times: Sunday 5 p.m./Tuesday 5:30 p.m. OR Monday/Wednesday 5:30 p.m.

Cost: $110 per 6 week session or $275 for full 18 week season

Additional skater: $88 per 6 week session or $209 for full 18 week season

Newbie Rate: $55 for first time SCLP skaters (only valid for first session)

*All skaters must pay $25 Learn To Skate membership fee in order to register for SCLP group classes

Is this your first group lesson with SCLP? Sign up for your first session for only $55! (Tots and Basic Skills only)

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